• WRITE content for print publications, newsletters, event/membership/sales collateral, e-mails, social media, video scripts, websites and press releases
  • EDIT articles, collateral, white papers, e-mails, website content, scripts and e-newsletters
  • PROMOTE products, services and events to your members and customers
  • DESIGN graphics for social media posts, emails and websites
  • CREATE project work plans and transition plans
  • PRODUCE videos that tell your association’s story or highlight your members’ experience
  • SUPPORT your team through a staff transition, extended leave, website overhaul, publication/e-newsletter redesign, strategic plan development, product launch and/or event
  • MANAGE or ASSIST teams in updating job positions, recruiting, interviewing, hiring and onboarding marketing and communications staff
  • RECOMMEND communications and marketing initiatives, strategies and tactics based on strategic plan goals and/or market research results
  • IDENTIFY ways to streamline existing projects, events or processes
  • DEVELOP and/or execute a social media strategy
  • TRAIN your team on project management and time management
  • COACH MILLENNIALS and other staff on how to succeed in their role: delegation, budgeting, goal setting/performance feedback, being accountable, thinking strategically

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