Coaching Millennials

In 2007, I was introduced to my first direct report. I was excited, scared and clueless. I had the support of my managers, but I often felt thrown into a role that I wasn’t prepared for. I remember wishing for non-biased advice or someone who could guide me through the tougher responsibilities I was diving into (like performance evaluations, conflict resolution and budgeting).

Since then, I’ve managed seven staff and coached more than 20 volunteers through their first leadership roles. I’ve completed Dale Carnegie’s eight-week course “Leadership Training for Managers” and a delegation boot camp. My copy of “Crucial Conversations” is always nearby. I have a passion for helping new managers and the next generation of leaders succeed.

I’m all about “giving a destination and not a road map,” but I know first hand what a little TLC can do to build confidence and improve performance. Throughout my career, I worked with leaders who pushed me to be more and do more. Through them, I realized my potential and began to feel fulfilled by helping others do the same.

Here’s how I can help your junior to mid-level staff:

  • Delegation – how to identify task owners, create timelines, communicate expectations, provide feedback and wrap up a project
  • Budgeting – how to read financial statements and use tools/trackers to keep financials in order
  • Goal setting – how to create SMART goals that will hold yourself and others accountable
  • Managing others – how to praise reports for a job well done and how to have difficult conversations about improving work
  • Being accountable – the importance of accepting responsibility for the good and bad, and expectations for “owning” projects
  • Thinking strategically – how to step away from checklists to think about the bigger picture
  • Roadmap for growth – how to use performance evaluations to outline the steps to achieve personal and professional goals

E-mail me at to tell me more about your team’s needs. See what other services I provide.

“Cheryl is a person I could always count on to give me good advice on handling difficult situations professionally. She is great at turning challenges in to new opportunities for improvement. She has a lot of experience managing young people and was an extremely valuable colleague to be able to go to as as new manager looking for advice on how to manage a direct report for the first time.”
-Meghan Keelean, CMP

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